All of our industrial ceramic parts are produced in our factory, located in Wuxi, (suburb of Shanghai, China). We have  a expanding team of of 250 plus factory workers, 23 engineers, and 12 machinists. 

Thirty-three plus years of practical field knowledge and the experience of producing hundreds of detailed technical drawings have enabled us to successfully develop our unique system to meet international industry standards and challenges. We have successfully competed with some of the largest factories in the world.  

Our philosophy is simple: To provide the best quality, best price, and best service.

Our manufacturing engineers take into consideration the day to day operation of the equipment and the technical aspects of producing a part which meets or exceeds the customer's specifications. They also address the quality concerns of the customer. They supervise the day to day manufacturing and know what will be required in order to meet the customer's production schedule.

We pride ourselves on having a management team that is involved in the manufacturing process and employees who are committed to quality. We are able to produce a high volume of quality parts, on time, at extremely competitive prices.

Expertise You Can Count On 

We began producing electrical porcelain insulators for high-voltage transmission and distribution power lines in 1949. We conformed to the ANSI standards of 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, and TR series. In 1985, we established Precision Technical Ceramic Parts to offer state of the art ceramic parts, and we have enjoyed tremendous expansion ever since.

Now headquartered in Los Angeles, California, we have established business relationships with some of the world's largest ceramic and industrial factories in over 22 countries.  

In 2008, China Master (USA) Enterprise became a wholly owned subsidiary of Master & Master LLC. We continue to offer the same product innovation, advanced design, and unparalleled customer service to factories world wide.

We engineer and produce complex industrial ceramic parts for our customers. 

On time, and on budget.

Producing Advanced Industrial Ceramic Parts Since 1949

We have the technical capability to meet our customer's demands. We have expertise in a wide range of material including silicate, oxide, and non-oxide ceramics.

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We engineer and produce complex industrial ceramic parts for our customers 





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We are experts on the characteristics of various materials.  
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With offices in Los Angeles, CA, Wuxi China, Eng-Go Taiwan, and agents in South America, we are always just a phone call or email away.

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We distinguish ourselves from our competitors with our ability to assist our customers in the engineering specification of their most complex ceramic parts. 

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